This outfit is incredibly simple and lounge-y. I honestly didn’t really make anything, I just took a plain white T (not a band member don’t worry) and used some of those iron on transferable papers. The thing that took me the longest was choosing the word to put on. I finally settled the word “sonder,” but I changed it to “sondering.” It technically isn’t even a real world but was made up by a fictional character, but I love the meaning behind it. Sonder, a noun, means to realize that each random person that passes by you possesses a life as luscious and complex as your own. I hope you all experience sonder and continue sondering throughout your life, because it really captures a kind of reality of life. That point in life when you realize that nothing is about you (ironic considering my blog url). The world is revolving around 7.4 billion human beings, and billions of more creatures-so many that are still unknown. I guess simplicity isn’t so simple at all.  DSC02590


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